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Getting there

  • By AIR

Toulon-Hyères International Airport is the nearest airport to Porquerolles with daily connections from and to Paris and Bruxelles.
    => taxi to the ferry terminal "La Tour Fondue".

  • By RAIL & Public Transport : 2 options
1 - Hyères Station
It's the closest train station. Daily connections with PARIS (4h15).

    =>  bus n° 67  to the ferry terminal "La Tour Fondue"
    => taxi

2 - Toulon Station
Daily connections with PARIS (3h30).

   => Bus line 39 > Hyères Station   => Bus line 67 >  "La Tour Fondue"
   => taxi

Buses are found to the right outside Toulon railway station (with your back to the railway station). They are generally synchronised with train arrivals. However, depending on traffic, they may be late, and will stop only if you signal to them. 
The bus number is visible to the front.
Tickets can be bought from the bus driver (small change appreciated), you need to punch your ticket inside the bus.

For Train timetables click HERE
For Bus timetables click HERE

  • By CAR 

To reach the ferry terminal at La Tour Fondue, first go to Hyères and then take the D97 to "La Tour Fondue", there is a parking 7j/7 24h/24.


* Taxis to La Tour Fondue (Giens) – Ferry Terminal to Porquerolles :

   Taxis Radio Hyérois Tel. +33 (0) 4 94 00 60 00
   Radio-Taxi Toulon Tel. +33 (0) 4 94 93 51 51

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