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Semantic Courses

Course 1 -Body part terms in lexicon and grammar” (Pr. Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Univ. Stockholm & Tatiana Nikitina, CR CNRS, Llacan) [pdf here]

Course 2 - “Associated motion. Diachronic and typological approaches” (Antoine Guillaume, DR CNRS, DDL & Guillaume Jacques, DR CNRS, CRLAO) [pdf here]

Course 3 - “Language contact: grammaticalization & lexicalization” (Stefano Manfredi, CR CNRS, SeDyL & Lameen Souag, CR CNRS, LACITO) [pdf here]

Course 4 - “Diachronic and typological perspectives on grammaticalization” (Pr. Walter de Mulder, Univ. Antwerp & Benjamin Fagard, CR CNRS, Lattice) [pdf here]


Areal Courses

Course 5 - “Amerindian languages: Semantic patterns and diachronic pathways” (Pr. Marianne Mithun, Univ. Santa Barbara & Françoise Rose, DR CNRS, DDL) [pdf here]

Course 6 - “Australian languages: Semantics and contact” (Pr. Jean-Christophe Verstraete, Univ. KU Leuven) [pdf here]

Course 7 -“Lexical semantic typology of Melanesia” (Antoinette Schapper, CR CNRS, Lacito) [pdf here]

Course 8 -“The Ethiopian Linguistic Area: Typological and Diachronic Perspectives” (Yvonne Treis, CR CNRS, Llacan) [pdf here]


 Workshops, methods and tools

Course 9 - “Semantic typology in African languages using the RefLex database” (Guillaume Segerer, CR CNRS, Llacan) [pdf here]

Course 10 - “Tracing language change using parallel corpora” (Dr. Robert Östling, Univ. Stockholm) [pdf here]

Course 11 - “Computer-Assisted Approaches to Lexical Typology” (Dr. Johann-Mattis List, MPI Jena) [pdf here]

Course 12 - “NLP approaches to semantics” (Emmanuel Cartier, LIPN, Univ. Sorbonne Paris Nord Frédérique Mélanie, IE CNRS, LaTTiCe & Clément Plancq, IE CNRS, LaTTiCe) [pdf here]


Plenary talks

Talk. 1 -“Areal semantic shifts in Southeast Asia” (Hilary Chappell, DE EHESS, CRLAO). [pdf here]

Talk. 2 - “Minor lexical categories as sources and targets of semantic change” (Pr. Ekkehard Koenig, FU Berlin & University of Freiburg) [pdf here]

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